Craft a Pitch

It takes a lot of hard work to create a great pitch. The process of doing often creates new business insights for the founders that significantly impact the course of the company. A great pitch requires true clarity about what your venture is about. As it turns out, working on a pitch often reveals a lot of lack in clarity – and the exercise helps to change this.

There is a multitude of support in SV to help you craft a great pitch, from books to courses to mentors, as well as incubators. Instead of repeating everything here, we point you to excellent descriptions already out there:

Key Readings

There is tons of good reading material about pitches. Here are some of the best – we consider them as „must read“. We suggest to read them in this order.

How to think about your story by Ash Maurya – if your follow this, investors will listen.

„Pitch the way VCs think“ by Khosla Ventures.

Pitch content checklist (long version) by Khosla Ventures.

You should stop here, create a pitch following the above advise, and then discuss it with 3rd parties in order to get into feedback-improvement cycles. We are also offering to help you to develop a top notch pitch.

If you really want to read more about it, here you go.

Further Readings

„The Startup Pitch: A Proven Formula to Win Funding“ – a book by Chris Lipp

Early Pitch Desks of Successful Startups (Airbnb, Facebook, etc.)

Tipps and another Real Pitch Decks Collection

Elevator Pitch Guide

 A final remark: not all advise on pitching is consistent, and there is no such thing as the only right pitch. In fact, different investors will prefer different styles, and a pitch that might be highly praised by one VC may receive no praise by the next.