How do you build your SV network

  1. Go to and join the groups you deem relevant. This will expose you to most of the daily events going on in the Bay Area.
  2. Go through your linkedin contacts. Is anybody in the area? Get in touch with them, and ask them whom else they can put you in touch with. Also check who of your contacts elsewhere knows people in SV, get intros from them, and have meetings.
  3. Check out relevant incubators, check out any events that are of interest to you, and establish a connection
  4. Check out the networking opportunities below
  5. Once you are ready to pitch, go to as many pitch events as possible. It’s ood training, do as many as possible and learn from each experience.

The goal is to become a know entity. Make sure that everyone in your space knows that you are there after 3 months. If nobody knows you, there is little benefit of being there.

Networking Opportunities

  • Angel Launch Venture Forums and Programs – organizes events for pitching, corporate partnering, etc.
  • Churchill Club – dedicated to „conversations to encourage innovation, economic growth and societal benefit“. 30+ events annually, some are members only. High-end networking.
  • GABA (German-American Business Association) – focused on connecting the German business community
  • Innowest
  • Las Vegas – conventions/events about almost anything, check their event schedule
  • Lifograph – organizes events for pitching and networking
  • MIT Club of Northern California (MITCNC) – events and entrepreneurship support for MIT alumni
  • VLAB – SF Bay Area Chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum (1 of 25 chapters worldwide)
    Global non-profit organization for connecting entrepreneurs, industry experts, venture capitalists, private investors and technologists, established 1990.
    Monthly events, with an industry focus for each event (e.g. drones, precision agriculture, fintech, big data) but also social topics (e.g. women entrepreneurs, talent search)
  • WorkIt – a guide to local events and resources